Sunday, January 8, 2012

Sunday Goodness

So I have to give my puppies a lot of credit for my creativity, in my down time while I wait for them to "do their business" I'm always looking for things to take pictures of. This morning it was another case of the pups waking me up at a perfect time. 6:55 this morning they asked to go out and relieve themselves, so I obliged. It's that or an accident in the house :( So I have gotten in the habit of putting the camera by the back door and grabbing it as I go out to keep an eye on them. And this morning we were blessed with a beautiful sunrise that they got me out the door for just in the nick of time. Another spoiled day of mild temperatures keep me creative and looking for outlets. So after a little editing to bring out the amazing colors that we were witness to this morning, I ended up with this picture.
8/365 Early Morning Views

But I've gotten used to wandering around the house in the evening looking for little things to inspire me, so I couldn't help tonight when this last scene of our wonderful Christmas had yet to be removed. I had gotten some awesome color changing LED candles in the shape of little pine trees as a gift that I've totally fallen in love with, so had to get a picture of them making the holiday scene perfect. So today is a double picture day!
Happy Sunday and I hope your weekend was wonderful and that it starts another wonderful week of 2012.

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